Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai

"Serenity Through Bonsai"


For Members Only

To obtain a book, call or send an email to our librarian, Jim Morris – jimandlynm@msn.com.

Jim will bring your selection to the next club meeting, and you may return the book or video at the following meeting.

Book Title
5th Nihon Bonsai Exhibition (Japanese text)
6th International Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition (Japanese text)
A Thru Z of Perennials: Readers Digest
Bonsai Art: Mark Noelanders
Bonsai Design: Peter Adams: 1996
Bonsai Design; Book 1: Peter Adams: 1995
Bonsai in Hawaii: E. Okimoto
Bonsai Landscapes: Peter Adams
Bonsai Survival Manual: Colin Lewis
Bonsai Techniques I: John Naka; 2 copies
Bonsai Techniques II: John Naka
Bonsai; A Care Manual: Colin Lewis
Bonsai; Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Susan Resnick
Bonsai; Culture and Care of Miniature Trees: Sunset Magazine
Bonsai; Illustrated Guide: Sunset
Bonsai; The Art of Dwarfing Trees: Ann Pipe
Bonsai; The Complete Guide: Paul Lesniewicz
Even Monkeys Fall Out of Trees: Nina Ragle
Ficus – The exotic Bonsai: Jerry Weislik
Floral Treasures of Japan; The Satsuki Azaleas: A. Kenedy
Four Seasons of Bonsai: K. Murata
Growing and Displaying Bonsai: Colin Lewis & N. Sutherland
Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Werner Busch
Indoor Bonsai: Paul Lesniewicz
International Digest; Bicentennial Edition
International Digest; Fall 1994
Introducing Bonsai: Cristian Pressey
John Naka’s Sketch Book; National Bonsai Foundation
Keep Your Bonsai Alive and well: Herb Gustafson
Keep Your Bonsai Perfectly Shaped: Herb Gustafson
Low Maintenance Bonsai: Herb Gustafson
Masters’ Book of Bonsai: Japanese Bonsai Associations
Miniature Bonsai: Herb Gustafson
New Horizons in Bonsai: Brian Batchelder
Pines: Growing and Styling Japanese Black & White Pines
Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment Q. Zhao
Penjing; The Chinese Art of Miniature Gardens: Y. Yuhuan
Satsuki Azaleas: Robert Callaham
Show Pictures – Japanese Language
Suiseki: Japanese Art of Miniature Stones Felix Rivera
The Art of Growing Miniature Trees, Plants, Landscapes: T. Ishimoto
The Bonsai Art of Kimura: Katsuhito Onishi
The Bonsai Identifier: Gordon Owen
The Complete Bonsai Handbook: Darlene Dunton
The Complete Book of Bonsai: Harry Tomlinson
The Gardens of Japan: Teiji Itoh
The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Vincent Covello
The Japanese Garden; Islands of Serenity: Haruzo Ohashi
The Living Art of Bonsai: Amy Liang
Timeless Trees: M. Bloomer;
Trees; Guide to 500 Species Around the World: Allen Coombes

1989 Saikei Demonstration by Frank Goya
1989 Dai Ichi Show and Demonstration by John Naka
1989 Mame Demonstration by Larry Ragle
1989 Master Works of Bonsai; Vol 1; John Naka
1990 Dai Ichi Show and Critique by Roy Nagatoshi
1991 Dai Ichi Show and Enthronement of Heisei
1992 Memphis Show and Demonstration by Kimura
1992 Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention
1995 Dai Ichi Critique by John Naka
Practical Guide to Bonsai: The Royal Horticultural Society
The Growing Art of Bonsai: Shibui Bonsai